160th SOAR(A) “Night Stalkers” Recruitment Video
May 15th, 2011 by

New recruitment video of the World’s best helicopter unit.
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  • FootBallChannel101 writes:
    May 15th, 20112:50 pmat

    death waits in the dark!

  • Nonsenseatbay writes:
    May 15th, 20113:44 pmat

    Talk about a dream job. Nothing like working with the best.
    Warrant Officers are the coolest rank to hold.
    Hell of a job guys.

  • haditha27 writes:
    May 15th, 20114:39 pmat

    Congrats guys, u were the ones that flew the seals into bin ladens compound, awesome job! :)

  • Poland1st writes:
    May 15th, 20115:30 pmat

    Congratulations on another job well done.

  • MH6M writes:
    May 15th, 20116:01 pmat

    @apachepilot2251 Good luck, don’t quit!

  • apachepilot2251 writes:
    May 15th, 20116:17 pmat

    I always loved the 160th’s “+/- 30 seconds” policy. Future Night Stalker right here (:

  • 4J25 writes:
    May 15th, 20116:27 pmat

    Im scared to go 2 bed now…….

  • MrPelhambay writes:
    May 15th, 20116:32 pmat

    these guys will fly a chinook backwards through a city block under fire at night

  • chillaxer1993 writes:
    May 15th, 20116:37 pmat

    some of the best pilots. hell any helo pilot is good. they are so hard to fly.

  • proud1armymom writes:
    May 15th, 20117:04 pmat

    I am the proud mom of a soldier that is in this unit…. A door gunner on the chinook .They are truly amazing and God be with each and every one of our men and women serving our country….

  • jorge12app writes:
    May 15th, 20118:03 pmat

    oo my little bird i miss u

  • RippedHalo writes:
    May 15th, 20118:46 pmat

    Hey do any Nightstalkers watch these videos?

  • vandondervike writes:
    May 15th, 20119:24 pmat

    That is f**king HOOAH.

  • xmodfreak2011 writes:
    May 15th, 20119:42 pmat

    :53… Freaking sick!

  • musicMan1445 writes:
    May 15th, 201110:37 pmat

    Bring the Rain

  • brent52 writes:
    May 15th, 201110:55 pmat


    Hi McRobrts101…they are!!!! I know a few USMC,USN and USAF rotory pilots. They all say the same things. 160 pilots push the metal past the breaking point and keep it flying right…

  • ArmyDude76667 writes:
    May 15th, 201111:08 pmat

    I recognize their home station Fort Campbell in the video home of the nightstalkers and the screaming eagles. HOOOAH! AIR ASSAULT!

  • hunterhalo2 writes:
    May 15th, 201111:50 pmat

    Gave me Chills

  • severedarterie writes:
    May 16th, 201112:05 amat


  • SuperWinfield writes:
    May 16th, 201112:43 amat

    saw black hawk down these guy are the hot shit

  • MH6M writes:
    May 16th, 201112:53 amat

    @GeorgeBushRocks558 By all means they do.

  • GeorgeBushRocks558 writes:
    May 16th, 20111:33 amat

    Do other branches’ special operation units use the Nightstalkers?

  • MAOfights writes:
    May 16th, 20112:31 amat

    Creed “Are You Ready”

  • trechan writes:
    May 16th, 20113:29 amat


  • Psychocide writes:
    May 16th, 20113:48 amat

    i gotta admit they’re pretty bad-ass

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